• Less Trash Found!

    Once again, the Lake Minnetonka Lake Association teamed up with Tonka Bay Marina and Life’s A Beach Shoreline Services for the post 4th of July lake cleanup event at Big Island.

    The weather kept many people off the lake on July 4th, but the rest of the week drew large numbers of boaters and parties to the lake.

    This year there was a two part effort - the Hennepin County dive team scoured the area around Big Island on the 5th and the crew from Life’s A Beach Shoreline Services picked up trash on the 9th. Both groups reported that very little trash was found this year.

    The Lake Minnetonka Association asks everyone to be responsible. Don’t throw your garbage in the water. It’s simple: bring your trash back to shore. Most public accesses and marinas have trash receptacles near their launches.

    THANK YOU to Life’s A Beach Shoreline Services and Tonka Bay Marina for their continued support, and to Joey Nova’s for providing pizzas to volunteers who helped with the clean-up!

    Also, thank you to all that helped in this important effort!



  • The Battle Against AIS Can be Won

    The Lake Minnetonka Association’s Bay treatment program has all but eliminated non-native milfoil and curlyleaf pondweed in areas that have been regularly treated; even in areas with sporadic treatment, non-native milfoil and curlyleaf pondweed has been reduced by 70%-90%. If we had the funds necessary and support from state agencies, the problems with non-native milfoil can become a distant memory.

    Ongoing research conducted by the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC) shows great promise that Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) not only can be controlled, but some species may even be eradicated.

    However, even if all of AIS were eradicated from Lake Minnetonka, preventative measures will still be needed to keep the lake from becoming reinvested.

    To do this, it will take:

    Stronger laws to protect new invasive species from entering our state at its borders and from being transferred between lakes within the state.

    Implementation of cost-effective statewide controls such as centralized inspection locations, lake based boat licensing, inspection tagging, radio-frequency identification technology (RFID tags), etc.

    Willingness of state agencies and local law enforcement to implement existing laws that prohibit the transport of AIS.

    State and Federal funds to sustain AIS research.

    A moratorium on new or expanded public accesses until effective controls are in place to control the spread of AIS.

    Commitment of all anglers, boaters, and other lake users to become part of the solution to prevent the movement of AIS.

    Action by lake residents and lake users to contact state and local officials about the importance of preventing the spread of AIS to maintain property values and the economic and ecologic vitality of lakes.

    • A positive attitude that the battle against AIS will be won.



  • Spring is Here!

    Looking Forward to a Bright and Successful 2017.

    With the addition of new board members and our new Executive Director, the Lake Minnetonka Association is in a solid position to move forward with new projects, events and programs, increasing public awareness about Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) and strengthening efforts to control its spread.

    There are many exciting things in the works, including:

    --Researching and advocating for new and updated methods to prevent the introduction of new AIS into Lake Minnetonka.

    --The management and treatment of watermilfoil and curlyleaf pondweed in select bays in the lake. Through the efforts of our wonderful Bay Captains and the support of the Lake Minnetonka Association, treatments have been very effective.

    --The expansion of lake clean-up efforts to remove trash. The collaborative clean-up events at Cruiser’s Cove have proven to be a good model.

    --Special events and educational workshops that focus on the protection and preservation of Lake Minnetonka, and promote social interaction among members.

    --Connecting and communicating with our members and the lake community – an important factor in creating a unified voice in advocating for the protection of our lake and the concerns of its residents and business owners.

    The Lake Minnetonka Association and its members are the eyes and ears on issues affecting our lake and our community. In addition, we work at the local and state level to provide better protection, extend our reach, and broaden support.



  • Thank you to our Supporters!

    The Lake Minnetonka Association would like to thank all of our Members, Business Members and Community Partners for your support!

    Your Support Makes a Difference!

    Moving forward... in 2017 and beyond, our plan is to continue the ongoing effort to protect and preserve Lake Minnetonka - and continue to be the VOICE for Lake Minnetonka lakeshore homeowners and businesses.

    Thank you!



  • 2016 Ice-Out was early... How will 2017 compare?

    For 2016, Lake Minnetonka was declared "free of ice," on March 17th (the second earliest ice-out on record) - let's see how that will compare with this year (2017).

    Hello Spring!



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