We are the voice for Lake Minnetonka lakeshore owners & businesses.


The Lake Minnetonka Association, works to promote the preservation, protection, and reasonable use of Lake Minnetonka through volunteers, lakeshore owners, and businesses.  The Lake Minnetonka Association serves as an information resource and advocate for the Lake Minnetonka community.



• Basic Member: $50-$199

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• Sustaining: $200-$499

• Captain: $500-$999

• Commodore: $1,000+

Show your support for the Lake Minnetonka Association by joining us as a member!




"Aquatic Invasive Species" – preventing new species from being introduced and controlling those species already in Lake Minnetonka is the main focus of the Lake Minnetonka Association.


The Lake Minnetonka Association is the project manager for the Bay Treatment Program, which manages Eurasian watermilfoil and curlyleaf pondweed in participating bays on Lake Minnetonka.


The Lake Minnetonka Association works hard to protect Lake Minnetonka and to advocate on behalf of its residents and businesses. The Lake Minnetonka Association is part of a network of lake associations and organizations

statewide that are working to stop the spread of invasive species, protect and preserve our lakes, and advance the interests lakeshore homeowners, businesses, and users. We are the VOICE of Lake Minnetonka – TOGETHER we can make Lake Minnetonka BETTER!



The Lake Minnetonka Association is working to:


* Keep Lake Minnetonka safe and protect the reasonable use of the lake


* Protect the cultural and natural legacy of Lake Minnetonka


* Prevent additional invasive species from becoming established in Lake Minnetonka


* Keep the lake free of litter and trash


* Advocate for lakeshore owners, businesses and users


* Keep lakeshore owners and businesses informed of issues important to them.


Members wishing to share your concerns should contact the Lake Minnetonka Association at [email protected].